On December 1, 2021, the City of Canton submitted its application for a Department of Homeland Security BRIC Grant. The City of Canton submitted this grant to seriously commence with its plaguing flooding problem, that the City has been faced with for decades. The City of Canton is located within the Black Water System, and therefore surrounded by many tributaries of the Big Black River, Bear Creek, and Batchelor Creek. The City of Canton is also situated in the middle of 4 waterways: Tilda Bogue-Bear Creek, Tilda Bogue, Little Bear Creek-Bear Creek System, and Upper Bear Creek.


Due to these waterways, and recent developments in the unincorporated areas of Madison County, excessive flooding can easily occur in Canton with only 1-2 inches of rain, causing repetitive damage to homes and property in the City, and threats to safety. In identifying the problem areas within the City, and the causes of the flooding, the City was excited when the opportunity came up to apply for the BRIC Grant. The City anticipates that this would be a project that the government would seriously consider funding, as we as government officials are serious about helping our constituents get relief from decades of flooding within the City.


The City feels that it is in a distinct and notable position to receive funding under the BRIC grant, as this grant requires a financial contribution from the City; and the City recently issued a bond in an amount of Two Million Dollars, that will serve as the City’s local share. The City looks forward to working with its local delegation, state government, and federal government to do all it can to advocate for the BRIC grant to begin to provide some relief for its citizens. This administration takes this decades long flooding problem as critical, and places it as a priority on its administrative agenda.


The City is requesting through its BRIC grant application, 2.6 Million Dollars to begin with the Martin Luther King South area, including Tyler Street to North Railroad Street, that has been identified as a high priority flooding area.