Humble Beginnings 

Between the Pearl and Big Black Rivers, immigrants and farmers were
lured here by the lush and fertile soil. Around the corners of our square, we have woven
a story of our people, the roots of which are culturally diverse: businesses built by
immigrants from faraway places, legends of our Chinese namesake, a rich legacy of
African American blues and business, and generations of families from all walks of life.

Gather at the Square

The architecture of our historic Square and Greek Revival Courthouse are national treasures
and the crown jewels of our community. Not a recreation or replica, our Courthouse
Square has been a gathering place for over 150 years, hosting rail passengers, foot
soldiers, justices of the peace, political leaders, and more recently cultural gatherings and
romantic weddings. Just a block away, the Hollow is a storied district where the sound
of the blues can still be heard.

Visitor Friendly

Thousands flock to our historic town for our flea markets, museums, boutiques and
unique gifts, our stunning Victorian Christmas Festival, the symphony and fine art, and
to feast on our southern cuisine.

We are a small town that cares about its people and we welcome visitors with a warm
smile and friendly service. We are proud of our successes and treat our challenges as
opportunities to become a better place for all. We are grounded in faith and the sounds
of gospel remind us that we are 1 people in a place blessed with a rich heritage, striking
beauty, and a bright future.

Bright Future

We have redefined the Southern Economy– we build cars, shoot films, create parks, and
care for the health of our community at a state-of-the-art medical center. While we are a
growing place with eyes toward a promising future, we look to preserve our rich history
and care for our own. We are moving forward but keeping it real.


​226 East Peace Street , Canton, MS 39046 | 601-859-4331 


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