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Dr. William Truly, Jr.

Dr. William Truly, Jr.


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226 E. Peace Street

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Whether you’re a resident looking for more information on your hometown, considering a move to Canton, thinking about a visit to Canton, or just interested in learning more about a great Mississippi community, I welcome you.

Canton is a city of roughly 15,000 residents in the northern part of the metropolitan area surrounding Jackson, the state capital. Settled over 175 years ago, Canton is committed to a tradition of strong community, progressive leadership, and a desire to be a model community in Mississippi.

Since our founding, Canton residents have worked hard to build a community that welcomes everyone.
You can find just about anything you need at one of the many business we have throughout the city. The citizens of Canton and people in the surrounding areas, however, take advantage of a wide variety of shops and restaurants located in The Courthouse Square. The Courthouse Square is centered with the beautiful Greek Revival Courthouse, which can be toured, and is the perfect location for a photo.

If history is your thing, there is the Canton Multicultural Center and Museum, which is a celebration of the diverse cultures and contributions of the citizens of Canton, and Madison county to the history of the city, state, and nation.

Canton is also home to the nationally famous Canton Flea Market Arts and Craft Show, that attracts up to 100,000 visitors across the U.S. It is also known as the City of Lights, in which more than 200,000 twinkling white lights make the Historic Square glow with small town charm.

Canton is a city with a rich history and bright future, and all plans and efforts will forever be toward the preservation of the community. To keep our residents in the know, we update all citizens of what we’re working on through our social media outlets, and City Hall meetings are recorded live.

So, take some time. Check out our website, Facebook, and Instagram. And if you have any questions, or comments, let me know. I would love to hear from you!

– Dr. William Truly, Jr. 


The City of Canton ceremonial document highlights achievements, charitable events, civic-minded individuals and/or memorable occasions. Ceremonial Documents are given in the form of a letter, proclamation, or resolution. Ceremonial documents are prepared by the Mayor’s Office of Communications and include the Mayor’s signature.​


View the City’s Proclamation Guidelines. 

Office of the Mayor FAQS

Who is the Mayor?

Dr. William Truly Jr.

What are the Mayor's responsibilities?
  • The Mayor is the Chief Executive Officer and Administrative Head of the City government. As Executive Officer of the City of Canton, the Mayor is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the City.
  • The Mayor represents the City in intergovernmental relationships.
  • The Mayor is recognized as the head of City Government for all ceremonial purposes.
What is the term for a Mayor in Canton?

The Mayor services a four-year term.

How do I invite the Mayor to an event?

Please visit the Meeting/Event Request page. You may also contact call the Mayor’s office.

Where is the Mayor's Office located?

The Mayor’s Office is located at 226 East Peace Street in the City Hall building. When entering the building from the parking lot, his office is the first door to the right.

What are the hours of operation for City Hall?

Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm.

Is there a fee for a proclamation?

There is no fee charged for proclamations. Please see the Proclamation Guidelines.


​226 East Peace Street , Canton, MS 39046 | 601-859-4331 


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